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Cork Meeting On “Abortion as Workplace Issue”

Over 3,000 trade unionists
take part in pioneering survey

As the referendum to remove the 8th Amendment nears, Cork trade unionists and repeal activists gather in the Metropole Hotel on the city’s MacCurtain Street this coming Thursday (Mar 22) at 8pm.

If you want to find out why you should vote Yes Repeal, then join us and ask your questions

We believe the 8th Amendment does not reflect the reality of a country in which women regularly seek and have abortions either by going abroad or using pills. The reports of the Citizens’ Assembly and the Joint Oireachtas Committee demonstrate clearly that abortion is an Irish reality. This Abortion as a Workplace Issue report shows that 20% of participants have some experience of abortion as a workplace issue. In 73% of cases the abortion was not disclosed within the job and 42% had a struggle to pay for it. The current regime is particularly bad for poorer and low paid women and even worse for migrant women whose right to travel is restricted.

Lead researcher Fiona Bloomer says the research shows women needing abortions have met barriers in relation to obtaining time off work, accessing sick pay, advice and support and that many feel very isolated.

Brendan Ogle of Unite says the survey proves that trade unionists want legal reform around abortion. “Nearly 90% oppose the criminalisation of women who have abortions and a clear majority of all demographics want legislative change to the abortion regimes north and south of the border,” he says.

The report can be found here – https://issuu.com/cwuireland/docs/abortion_is_a_workplace_issue

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