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Ethel Buckley of SIPTU pledges SIPTU support to Repeal the 8th on IWD

SIPTU, Ireland’s largest trade union, supports repeal of the Eighth Amendment. Ethel Buckley spoke on behalf of SIPTU, she is the deputy general secretary.

SIPTU organises over 200,000 workers almost 100,000 of whom are women, they have been on the frontline of the fight for women’s equality for over a century. Their first generation of union leaders, among them James Connolly, Constance Markievicz, Helena Maloney were clear that the struggle for a woman’s right to vote, a woman’s right to decent work and a woman’s right to manage her own life was, is, and ever shall be a fight for the trade union movement.

Video was recorded at the 2018 March 8th International Women’s Day march in Dublin which called for Repeal of the 8th amendment.


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